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The CO Clear consists of a main sensor unit installed after the pressure has been regulated down to between 1 and 3BarG. Optional extras include a relay which could be used to switch off the compressor of sound a remote alarm. The unit has 2 alarm set points and audio/visual alarms.

The CO Clear for Saturation Diving is a version of the CO Clear monitor specifically designed for use on heliox compressors to account for the effect that helium has on the sensor – ensuring accurate and reliable readings.


Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a dangerous and potentially lethal gas, the effects of which are increased with pressure. It could enter the breathing gas from the compressor inlet or from issues relating to the compressor maintenance.


The CO Clear can be simply installed inline after the compressor inlet but before the cylinders. Analox recommend that a twin stage regulator is used to reduce the sample pressure.