About Us

Next Analysers was established back in 2005, offering a wide range of diving analysers to analyse and monitor gasses in the tank. The company was founded to provide high-quality diving analysers for technical divers as well as deliver diving gas analysers to diving schools, offering a complete range of reliable equipment to check the gasses in the tank before a dive or while on the dive site. Next Analysers also offers diving analysers parts and after-sales services, guaranteeing customer satisfaction, and a flawless sales experience for professionals who are diving in Malta.

Backed by over 15 years of experience in the business, Next Analysers offers impeccable customer service, combined with expert knowledge of diving analysers. Our team is made up of professional divers who have over 25 years of diving experience using diving analysers for technical diving. With several experiences in deep dives – some going even over 100 metres in depth – we have first-hand experience with gas analysers, so we know what’s needed to plan a safe and secure dive. At Next Analysers, we can advise you on the best type of diving gas analyser according to the type and duration of your dive.

Next Analysers specialises in all types of diving analysers suitable for technical divers, offering a wide price range to suit every budget. Our aim at Next Analysers is to provide divers with peace of mind by being able to check the quality of the gasses in their tank themselves before a dive.

Next Analysers is committed to offering superior quality products with competitive prices and excellent after-sales services. Safety and reliability are our top priorities when it comes to diving analyser equipment, which is why we handpick the best quality diving analysers for our store.